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Comedy Night at the CVPA

December 30, 2018

Larry Reeb "Uncle Lar"

larry reeb promo photo

Known as "Uncle Lar," Larry Reeb is the wise cracking politically incorrect relative everyone knows. Like any concerned relative, "Uncle Lar" wants to help, in his own way, so he does. He gives tips on everything from marriage to lotteries to children. Always topping it off with his catchphrase: "That's a tip from your Uncle Lar." He has twice been voted Chicago Comedian of the year. He has won the Las Vegas Comedy festival, the Dubuque 10K comedy festival, and he was a finalist in the Great American Comedy Festival. "Uncle Lar" has appeared on "Showtime: Billy Gardell presents Road Dogs," "HBO Opening night at Rodney's hosted by Rodney Dangerfield," "NBC: Last Comic Standing" and has made Numerous appearances on the Bob and Tom radio show.

Comedy Night Menu

Assorted Mixed Greens, Ranch, Italian and Poppy Seed Dressings
Pasta Salad, Marinated Olives, Creamy Cole Slaw
Rolls, Butter, Domestic Cheese Platter, Garden Vegetable Tray,
Baked chicken with Savory Dressing
Fluffy Puff Pastry with Chicken ala King Sherry Wine
Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions
Linguine Marinara
Baked Tilapia, Dill Butter
Green Beans Almandine
Sour Cream Chive Mashed Potatoes
Breaded Chicken Wings
Chocolate Fudge Cake

Additional Comedy Night Dates

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February 8, 2019: Comedian TBD
April 5, 2019: Comedian TBD
June 14, 2019: Comedian TBD
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